A letter from SFSubs


Today this message was posted in our chatbox:

“Thanks SF: thanks for subbing the videos for me to steal and make money! thanks to you i earned at least $5 already just for 1 vid! Easy money! I just need to download it and upload using my own name.”

We cannot begin to tell you how disappointed we are receiving such a message like this. It is extremely disheartening to know that there are people out there doing this to us who don’t respect our work, who take us for granted, who take advantage of us, and who are directly insulting us like this. As subbers, seeing messages like this discourages us and takes away our motivation to sub videos. 

I’m sure other subbers out there understand how much work subbing can be, but for those of you who don’t know, it is A LOT of work. A 15 minute clip usually takes 2-6 hours to translate, another 3-7 hours to time, another 2-6 hours to typeset, and another 1-2 hours or so to encode and upload, at the very least. That is if you don’t take ANY breaks while subbing. Then multiply this by 5 for an entire episode. As you guys can see IT IS A LOT OF WORK. You guys see how much and how fast Shinhwa talks in Shinhwa Broadcast and how many onscreen captions there are; can you imagine how much work it is trying to add subtitles to that? Some days we feel like we are going crazy while subbing. Our wrists hurt. Our backs hurt. Our necks hurt being at a computer for that long. If any of you guys follow our subteam members on twitter you have more likely than not seen us complaining at one time or another because yes, it IS that much work. It takes a lot of time and effort because we go out of our way to try and present you guys with the best subs that we can. And you have to remember the fact that we are also individuals with lives who have college, work, and families to deal with. We are sacrificing our own time to do this for you. 

We don’t ask for anything in return except that you just respect our work and guidelines. Yes, clicking on a link that makes you wait for 5 seconds can be annoying, but think about all the hours that we put into subbing these videos. Is that really too much to ask? 

And for those who are criticizing us for using adfly, we just want to emphasize again that we are NOT using the money for ourselves. It is all still there in our account, waiting to be used for Shinhwa’s 2013 promotional activities. Everything that we’ve received so far is going back to Shinhwa, not our subbing team. In the end all of our contributions, both monetary and with our time and efforts spent subbing, are just going back to Shinhwa. We are just fans trying to support our group and spread the love for them. That is why we do what we do. 

This is not the first time we’ve encountered this situation, and our subteam leader Nicole was very stressed out because of this situation today, debating whether or not to discontinue public access to our videos. SFSubs has been her pride and joy for a very long time now, and seeing people do this to us greatly disappoints her. She even took the time to leave a very long and meaningful letter today. You can click here to read it (oh bless you Nic for this heartwarming letter). 

If this continues we will have no choice but to restrict our videos to forum members only. So please, please respect our wishes. Please only click on our links from our official youtube, dailymotion, twitter, and tumblr accounts (ShinhwaForeverSF and AllAbout6Projects). Please help us flag down videos or sites that are wrongfully using our videos. Please just respect our work. Again, we do not mind if you repost our videos but please use our links and please remember to credit us. We do not want to private our videos and only allow forum members access to them, but if this continues, we just might. If worse comes to worse, we will stop subbing all together. 

For now we will continue posting videos as normal. We do not want to make everyone else suffer because of just one or two people. So thank you to everyone who supports us, patiently waits for us, and respects our guidelines. 

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    No one understands how hard work subbing a video is until you’ve tried.
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    i don’t think you deserve any less than what you asked for. ;_;
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    please be kind and respectful it’s not a nice thing
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    that heart-warming letter from nicole ;UUUUUUUU; sorry i had been so unefficient + sick all the time + only finished...
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    SFSubs,fighting!!!i’ll help and support you..just tell me who stealing your vid,and i’ll flag him/her...
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    Thank you for all the hard work you always put in. Please never tire and please never be disheartened!
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    please please please respect them because because of them, we still can see shinhwa’s work with sub/: