6jib detectives: The Hints

Super Junior’s 6th jib is coming really fast as we expected and Shindong oppa is giving hints (Just like what he did for 5th jib) again about their new album/songs is gonna be. His clues are posted on his me2day. And, Shindong wants us to be detectives again lol solving those mind blowing hints. So, I gathered all of his Hints and also some guess or predictions from ELF. 

  • Shindong’s hint! Number one!! “Sexy, Free and single”
    *Single as in one, not lonely 
  • Shindong’s actual first hint – “The coming together of points that are equidistant from a fixed point.”

      - equidistant means at equal distance……….some ELF is guessing about a circle or something round. 

  • Shindong’s actual/real second hint – “Link

      - The link contains a baseball news (in korean) People think that’s connected to his first hint something round becoz of the baseball. Or maybe,  there’s some baseball action “The pitching and throwing” on their choreography. 

  • Shindong’s actual/real third hint - “Teen Top,Leesang,Hyunsuk,2NE1″ 

      - Teen Top has a song “Clap”, 2NE1 has a song “Clap your hands”, We don’t know who’s hyunsuk is but there’s prediction about him. They said shindong is talking about Yang hyunsuk the producer of 2NE1’s Clap your hands. Then there’s Leesang, his song Hard to be humble has a clap lyrics. It might have a clap choreo in their dance or there’s a clap on the lyrics. The 3rd hint has something to do with clap. 

  • Shindong’s hint number four – Simeon Jean Antoine Fort 

      - This is from sup3rjunior.com prediction:

some fans found out that Simeon Jean Antoine Fort is an French artist who painted a picture named something like “The Panorama of 1809 July 6th, 10AM, Second day of Battle of Wagram”. So, maybe it’s the day of their comeback maybe?

Also, the other prediction is, fort simeon (I don’t know how it would be spelt)and jean antoine (I don’t know how this would be spelled either), both mean strong, force etc. So, maybe hinting at Kangin’s comeback? Or just the fact that their comeback stage/song is very strong and manly.

Also, the other prediction of some fans are, there was an artist named Jean Antoine Watteau. One of his paintings depicted a man in clown (?) clothes, drunk, deepened with pain of love, but unable to express it. So, the fans are saying that maybe the song’s theme is about being heart broken.

(ELFs are so good at this!) They found similarities between Leeteuk’s teaser and one of Davinci’s paitings, Donghae’s teaser kind of looks like mona lisa (?), Ryeowook mentioned something about Fallen Angel (which is also a painting)„ and Eunhyuk’s looks like a painting as well. The fans have concluded that one of the things that the artists have in common is that they have fallen in love with comedians.

  •     Shindong’s actual hint number five – “photo is the hint” 


         - This one has something related to a bird (?) a very smart bird or something with Star king. Ryeowook & Leeteuk’s teaser photos has feathers. wook  represents that red bird and teuk represent that white bird. (?) Maybe that yellow and blue bird has something had to do with other members teaser photos (?). 

  • Shindong’s actual hint number six – Camille Roqueplan

         - Camille Roqueplan is a french romantic painter of landscape, historical subjects. Maybe the concept of the whole album is french/ancient/greece Painting. Just like from his 4th hint it all have to do with a french painters or something about paintings.  

  • Suddenly I thought about 5th album hints^^ ㅎㅎ During (Mr) Simple was it 98mm? And also Toronto 100 etc … You guys are genius!!^^ This time the announcement of the correct answer would it be on the day when music video is released.. or would it be on the first broadcast day(?) I’ll think about it..^^
  • Shindong’s hint number 7 – “lie”
  • Shindong’s hint number 8 – secret

 - might be a meaning of one of their songs (?)

—- will add more, if Shindong is giving hints again —- 

Shindong is freaking genius lol that’s why his name means prodigy child. But I’m really impressed by some ELF prediction. Good Job!!!! 

superjunior.com staff for the translation and the prediction xD
Some random ELF from FaceBook, Twitter and Tumblr.  

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