Super Junior on Twitter
  • Leeteuk (special1004): His every tweet has a deep emotional feeling, that make you sad or happy. Sometimes, he thanks people especially ELF. Twitpics > selcas, sapphire blue sea, and his sexy legs~
  • Heechul (Heedictator): Tweets about his social life or How he likes that girl character especially her boobs from League of Legends or Heenim's art aka himself and gyeongjin photo comparison lol Twitpics >> Heechul eating with friends, Heebum, selcas, screenshot of that league of legends character, Heenim and Kim gyeongjin photo comparison
  • Yesung (shfly3424): also know as a selca king. along with his selcas, he tweets about his recent happenings on his life. He also recommends his favorite movies to his followers :) Twitpics: Selca...selca...selca and the movie poster
  • Kangin (HimsenKangin): After he came back from Army, he becomes more active on twitter :P. Tweeting about his recent activities and how an Americano taste like or how he likes coffee. When he didn't get to sleep, he recommends some lullaby specifically ballad songs. Twitpics: random photos :)
  • Shindong (ShinsFriends): He tweets about his company "Multisung" or his computer shop and how he supports other K-pop groups. Twitpics >> Super Junior photos, selcas, random
  • Sungmin (imSMl): rarely on twitter. He RTs a lot .... Inviting his followers to listen to Sukira or tweet about his pets Twitpics >> MinWook selcas in Sukira, Selcas, with his pets
  • Eunhyuk (AllRiseSilver): Tweets only thrice a month. He loves choco a lot so he tweets about her. Before he go to other country, he let his followers know that he's going to that particular place along with his Airport/Airplane selcas. Twitpics >> Choco, Selcas, Family photos
  • Donghae (donghae861015): Thanking ELF for coming to the concert or for food support, Tweets about their rehearsals for the concert, or how he amazed that Super Junior album got first place on various awards or music charts. Twitpics >> Selca, BTS photos of the concert, EunHae selcas, ELF
  • Siwon (siwon407): His famous good morning/night greeting "Good Morning/night Beautiful World" becomes a trend on kpop world. random tweets about his daily activities, ELF and God. Twitpics >> selcas, ELF, Eunhyuk's reincarnation, random stuff
  • Ryeowook (ryeong9): Just like Sungmin, He also invite his followers to listen to Sukira. or random tweets about Super Junior members Twitpics >> drawing/letter using his Galaxy note, Selcas, With SJ members selcas, Eunhyuk "So sexy" photo.
  • Kibum (ikmubmik): He rarely tweet...... and.............. but he tweets random xD Twitpics >> group photos with the cast of a drama.......
  • Kyuhyun (GaemGyu): he tweets rarely. He tweets about his musical or his Kyu-line; Random stuff. Twitpics >> Black picture of him, Food Support, Kyu-line, selcas
  • Henry (henrylau89): Tweets about how sad becoz it's not lychee season T.T , needs help from his followers to find what's the title of the song he's looking for. he always shortcut his words when tweeting xD, A ninja sometimes, Thanking all strings for supporting him in a concert and he also wanted to kidnapped that kid from the movie 'UP' Twitpics >> selcas, wacky selcas,
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