This Blog is dedicated to the world’s AWESOME boy group, Super Junior and the most handsome myeolchi, Eunhyuk! <3

I mainly post or reblogged Super Junior stuff but sometimes i reblogged random stuff that i found on my dashboard :P

About the owner: 

  • My name is Marjorie :)
  • 21 years of age!
  • Born in the Philippines. Now, residing in California, USA
  • a College student
  • I’m a girl //dont call me oppa!// 
  • a socially awkward panda … but i’m nice
  • God-loving girl 
  • I’m kinda childish, weird…and shy 
  • I love reading Wattpad stories! (Pls recommend me some good story, if you have one. I’m more into Romantic-Comedy genre. mainly, Tagalog) 
  • if i’m not updating my tumblr, you know where you could find me or what am i doing // beside being busy on school or sleeping//……….. Wattpad xD 
  • Currently writing a fiction love story for Wattpad :)

My ELF life:

  • Why Jaejae?
  • Super Junior is my ultimate bias group! 
  • I’ve been an ELF for almost 6 yrs already and still counting!
  • I saw Super Junior twice already (100904 SM Town Live in L.A. & 131024 Super Show 5 in Manila) 
  • last 131024, I marry Lee Hyukjae :P 
  • Heechul is my other man
  • EunHae & HyukChul hardcore shipper!

Anything K-Pop:

  • Shinhwa is my second bias group
  • I’m not into girl groups but i like Orange Caramel, A-Pink & SNSD
  • I also listened to SHINee, Infinite & EXO songs
  • I love watching K-variety shows: Running Man, Infinity Challenge and now, The Return of Superman! :)

Anything Photoshop:

  • I used Photoshop CS5 ^^
  • I only do GIFs coz I’m sucked on editing photos
  • I rarely do gifs on fancams coz bitches will be like “dont gif that” haha
  • I dont know what to add. So, i will leave with that. I will add more later on… hihihi

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